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About Us

Falcon View Imagery is an aerial imaging company with the goal of providing our customers with the best imagery and service anywhere!  With our drones we are able to get within a few feet of the action, capturing the highest resolution still and motion video images to meet all your aerial photography needs.


Our FAA  licensed and insured pilots operate within all guidelines to to ensure safety for you and your team.

Drone Fleet

We can work with advertising & marketing companies, real estate agencies, construction companies, and businesses that are looking for a new way to enhance their product. We provide aerial assistance for homeowners and businesses looking to inspect their properties or equipment, regardless of size.  Contact us and let us help you get the perfect View From Above.


I am a 29 year veteran of the US Air Force and also a private pilot.  My family and I fell in love with Utah and have decided to call it our home.  Falcon View Imagery is a family owned company and our aim is to not only get your business but to keep it.

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