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Widely known for being the toys of high-end gadget lovers, drones are continuing to change the fields of real estate, construction, and others. With availability going up and costs coming down, and drone capability rapidly improving, drones have contributed to the increased efficiency of architects, surveyors, structural engineers, and more.

The geospatial realm has been rocked by the introduction of drones which are rapidly evolving the ways in which tasks are performed while encouraging the application of new techniques entirely. The construction world stands to gain a lot of efficiencies buy using photographic imagery and 3D modeling provided by aerial photographers like Falcon View Imagery.

The Benefits

Construction companies, engineers, as well as, general contractors all have a need to know everything that happens at the site from the point of bidding to site plan inception, and drafting through to the completion of the project. Here are 3 key ways that drones are impacting the construction and contracting fields:

Productivity & safety

Using drones for aerial imaging provides actionable data with 2D/3D models, helping project managers, engineers, and key players in keeping track of the progress with the construction project. Also, data points like material stockpile volume measurement, enhanced environmental compliance, provision of timely surveys, real-time mapping, improved safety, and sticking to schedules and budgets are now easier with drone imagery.

Improved communication

When aerial image data is integrated with cloud-based platforms, multiple stakeholders can comment and work together to enhance real-time awareness, productivity and efficiency. In the end, this helps to facilitate the decision making process.

Progress report facilitation

As a project is being carried out, many different stakeholders are interested. These stakeholders include financing partners, as well as community groups, owners, insurers and more. With superb aerial images, frequently updated high-value perspective can be provided to all interested parties.

Falcon View Imagery is a premium licensed aerial imaging and photography company in Utah that covers Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado and is committed to providing clients with high-quality drone imagery services no matter where they are or the size of the project. We make use of the latest drone technology to capture the best imagery possible to order to satisfy every need of our clients.

Contact us and let us help you get the perfect View From Above.


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