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Aerial Imagery Benefits for HOA’s

Aerial drones are becoming more and more popular today, not just with recreational flyers, but also with property owners and managers. In fact, Falcon View Imagery receives about a call a week from Home Owner Associations (HOA's), asking what type of services our drone fleet can provide for their particular property.

Utah HOA's Using Drones

What comes to most people’s minds when thinking about hiring a drone, is obtaining some pretty cool, highly detailed imagery. That is certainly one case and is probably my most frequent request, not only accross #Utah but in other states we cover also (Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, #Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts). However, there is much more.

Drones can be equipped with sensors to check for hot or cold spots around windows, doors, and roofs, enabling building managers to catch air leaks, saving themselves and residents money on heating and cooling bills. These sensors are also perfectly suited for routine fire safety inspections. They can even give firefighters a high-definition view of what’s going on during an actual fire, possibly saving firemen from deadly situations and aiding in search and rescue.

Drones allow inspectors to take high definition photos of high, hard-to-reach areas, reducing the risk of people climbing ladders. They can also allow community associations to monitor work being done by contractors. Drones allow homeowners to make sure landscaping, painting, plumbing, etc., is being done properly.

Drones can be used for managing HOA violations. While this application in particular, raises privacy concerns, a drone may allow you to catch obvious violations easily. For example, allowing you to identify someone repeatedly leaving trash bins in driveways, or allowing garbage to collect in yards or doorways. It may also allow you to catch more dangerous violations, such as a rooftop grill that is against fire regulations.

Drones aren't, for now at least, a good option for providing security to HOA’s., primarily due to their limited battery life and for the simple fact that the public isn't ready for a science fiction approach to “Big Brother” watching their every move.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has been helpful and enlightening. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at,,  or



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